A Quicker Video Tutorial – Mirror Trees

After publishing the video, Mirror Tree Walk Through, I got some feedback.  Lots of people found it helpful which is awesome! I’m so happy this helps.  I also got some constructive criticism that it was a bit long. And for those who are familiar with Ancestry.com, it was just hard to get through.

Result? A quicker video tutorial.

I’m always open to feedback and I completely agree that some people may not need ALL that info and may not want to sit for 16 minutes watching a YouTube video.  For those of you who know how to put a tree together and are familiar with Ancestry.com and their DNA page, this video is for you.

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  1. I had heard about mirror trees but didn’t really understand what they were and how they would help, so I really appreciate your videos.

    I have one concern that i’m sure you can answer. If I switch my DNA results to my mirror tree, what happens when I switch back to my real tree?. Does it take awhile for all my matches to regenerate?. Do I run the risk of losing anything?. Are there any steps I should take before disconnecting from my “real” tree.


    1. It sometimes takes a couple hours for hints to come back once you link back to your “real” tree. Just make sure your mirror trees are private and unsearchable before linking your DNA to them.

  2. This way too vague, you’re assuming we know our birth parents and have their DNA results in the first 30 seconds of the video. Also what site are you working on? As an adoptee this appears to be of zero value to me. My brother, sister & myself were all adopted but do not share the same birth parents. That makes each of us the top of our respective family trees until we have DNA results from our birth parents or adoption records are unsealed.

    1. I only mention my mom in the video because she was adopted and I’m trying to find her birth parents. I highly recommend getting your DNA tested at Ancestry.com and 23andme.com – if you haven’t already.

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