What does the asterisk mean on GEDmatch

*Asterisk in front of names on GEDmatch

“What does it mean when a user has an asterisk in front of their name on gedmatch?” I’ve seen this question at least 20 times on different sites, so I figured I’d chime in and answer that here.

When a new user signs up for GEDmatch, they are asked to include their name. However, they are given the option to include an Alias.  When a user decides to use an alias instead of using the Name of Donor, an asterisk appears in front of their name.

gedmatch name and asterisk
Screen shot from gedmatch.com upload page.

When to use an alias

You may want to choose an alias if you don’t feel comfortable sharing your real name. You may also want to choose an alias to match your username on the original DNA testing site.  I have personally found it helpful when an alias matches the username on Ancestry.

Short and sweet today.  Hope this helps some of you out there trying to navigate this crazy world of DNA.  I’m always willing to answer questions – of course if I know the answer :).  Feel free to comment any of your questions or send them to me via the contact page.

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  1. There are asterisks by several of my cousins and they are not using aliases. How does Ancestry and GEDmatch determine a name is an alias?

  2. Many users, like myself, also use 2 ** when they belong to the DNA Detectives Facebook group. Alternatively some use DD before their name

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