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Searching for Birth Father

You would think since we found my mom’s birth mother, searching her birth father would be a piece of cake right?  Well, not so much.  Her birth mother passed away before we got to meet her and there were very little clues left about who the birth father might have been.  The only thing we really have to go on is DNA and DNA matches but sometimes that isn’t always helpful either.

Close Cousins & No Replies

I was getting a little down last night. My mom has a very close DNA match on 23andme.  That should be great, right?  Well, this match has been on 23andme since my mom tested.  She was originally listed as anonymous.  I sent her a request to share and a short message saying I would love to find out how we’re related.  Well, those messages and requests went unanswered.  I know she has been on 23andme because she has gone from anonymous to having her name listed.

I tried finding her through google and social media but she has a very common name. So common that there are over 1400 people with her name in Texas.  I’m not even sure if she lives in Texas but that was my starting point.  I thought I had found her.  I searched her name along with some of the surnames I keep seeing in my search like Klein and Kunz and Leyendecker and Lang.  I found a wedding announcement that listed her as a bridesmaid.  Doing some searching, I found out she was born in Texas.  Seriously, I thought I was really on to something.  But – she had zero connection to any of my mom’s already known paternal or maternal cousins so I just spent 3 hours creating her family tree for nothing.

So… That is how I’m here now.  I decided to create this search post in hopes that someone will recognize Mary Sue Blackwell.  She passed away before we ever got the chance to talk with her.  From what I understand, the adoption was a sore subject for her.

I’m hoping this post gets to Texas and Louisiana and I’m hoping that someone will recognize Mary Sue Blackwell and contact me.  Or maybe this might spark an interest in someone to do DNA testing at… which by the way, if you use my link, you get 10% off.  I do get a referral credit.

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