The Search Begins for Birth Family

Search begins to find biological family

My Mom’s Story

The search begins to find my mom’s biological family. This blog is for my mom.  She is the baby girl who was given up back in 1968.

It all started back in 1968 when a girl gave birth to a baby girl in New Orleans, LA. This baby girl was “surrendered” a few days later to the Protestant Home for Babies, where she lived until she was 9 months old. A wonderful, loving, Christian family adopted her.

But, whatever happened to her birth parents?

We know the birth father was never informed of the pregnancy. He’s out there somewhere. He has no clue he has a daughter, or grand kids, or even great grand kids! He would be around 65 years old today so he is probably still alive.

The birth mother – she knows. If she is still alive, she would be around 64 years old today. I wonder if she just doesn’t look for fear of rejection or does it just open the wound when she thinks about finding her child? Was she brainwashed – Was she told over and over that she had absolutely no rights to this child after signing the papers?

Are they still alive?

The Search Begins

I plan on searching through any kind of records that I can get my hands on, DNA testing, whatever it takes.

Here is the plan of attack .

  • Reach out to protestant home for babies
  • Reach out to other adoptees from around the same time and place
  • Submit for DNA testing at AncestryDNA
  • Try to have my mom’s birth certificate unsealed
  • Obtain non-identification information
  • Start piecing the puzzle together

My mom has already done a little searching here and there but would get discouraged or feel selfish for looking.  My mom really does have a great family.  Maybe they don’t share blood but blood isn’t the only thing that makes a family.

So follow along as we break this case wide open. 🙂


Check out the about page for more on our story.

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  1. Hey not sure if Ive ever talked with you but I have the Protestant Home for Babies search website. I haven’t checked my emil for the site in years. Send me an email…

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