Klein, Lang Connection

Klein Lang Connection

Best Not to Assume

In my last post I mentioned that my mom had a “new” 2nd cousin – Based on that 2nd cousin, I jumped the gun and assumed some things.  Well, I’m not so sure the connection is exactly as I assumed. My mom’s other 2nd cousin has a Klein-Lang connection, and recently a 3rd/4th cousin tested on 23andme and I’ve figured out he has a connection to Ida Klein and Charles Lang but  my mom and him only share 85cM.

Klein – Lang Cousin Trees

So, my mom has 1 second cousin whose tree looks like this… (Portions of the tree have been removed and blacked out to respect privacy of others.)

Klein 2nd Cousin

The “new” 2nd cousin’s tree looks like this

Jung 2nd Cousin

Notice that the latter cousin has the name Kunz in her tree… I think this might mean she is a double cousin.  Also, a 3rd/4th cousin tested at 23andme and has similar ancestry – his great great grandparents are Ida Klein and Charles Lang – which are the above cousin’s great grandparents.

I believe my mom has some connection to these lines – there were a few Lang’s and a few Klein’s that married one another so that might make this a little more difficult.

I’m still searching. 🙂

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