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facebook groups help in adoption search

Social media has some real advantages when it comes to adoption searches. There are many groups on Facebook dedicated to aiding adoptees and birth parents reunite.  One of the first things I did when I started the search for my  mom’s bio-family was join a group called Search Squad.

Closed Groups = More Privacy

This is a closed group so first you have to request to join.  Since it’s a closed group, things you post are kept private to only group members.  Your facebook friends will not see what you post there unless they are a member of the group as well.

I was amazed at the response I got when I posted information about my mom’s adoption.  Multiple people immediately went to work finding information about my mom’s adoption.  They told me what I needed to do like get my mom on reunion registries. Someone even found the open letter I mentioned in an earlier post.  Then they went a step further and found the writer of the letter on facebook and sent me her facebook page link.  I was amazed by the responses.

I recently updated my post to let them know about the DNA searching we were doing and another member actually reviewed my mom’s DNA matches and gave me some helpful tips and tools for DNA matching.

She told me that she has been looking for her bio-dad for over 2 years but just last month helped two adoptees find their families with DNA.  If the matches are there, you can piece it together. If close matches aren’t there, you wait.

Seriously.  Get in a group like this.  Ask for help.  Many of these people are adoptees or birth mothers that are also looking or have been reunited and want to help others.  They want to help you.

Any other groups out there dedicated to helping adoptees find their birth parents? Let me know! I’d love to start a resource page for adoptees with links to groups like Search Squad.

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