Been a bit absent lately – good news!

Why I’ve Been Absent Lately

Sorry y’all! I’ve been quite absent from this site for a while now and I’d figure I’d check in and share some of my good news.

In June I found out I was pregnant… Yay! We are very excited and the baby is due in February.  Since then, I’ve had some headaches and morning sickness that have just made working on the computer a chore.

Now, I’m in the 2nd trimester and those first trimester symptoms are cooling down a bit and I’m hoping to be more present.

New Match!

Also, my mom got another 2nd cousin match and wouldn’t you know his great grandparents were Charles Lang and Ida Klein. He is my mom’s top match now, sharing 320 centimorgans across 20 DNA segments.

My mom has three other 2nd cousin matches.  Here is the list of all of her 2nd cousins and their great grandparents.

  1. 320 cM –  great grandparents: Charles Lang / Ida Klein
  2. 297 cM – Unknown – also an adoptee(most likely Kunz Line)
  3. 250 cM – Christian Klein / Gertrude Knopp &  Joseph Lang / Maria Jordan (#1  great great grandparents)
  4. 250 cM – Walter Lang / Amalia Brinkrolf (Walter is the son of Charles Lang and Ida Klein… #1’s great grandparents.

So… Christian Klein & Gertrude Knopp had kids that married Joseph Lang and Maria Jordan’s children. Charles Lang and Ida Klein got married (#1 & #4’s ancestors) and Anna Lang & Jacob Klein married (#3’s ancestors).

#1 and #4 are 1st cousins once removed and they share 737cM.  I have yet to find all the children of Charles Lang & Ida Klein.  I’ve reached out to the top match but according to Ancestry, the last time he logged on was the same day I realized my mom had a new match.  I was hoping he could help me fill in the blanks in this family tree.

I might reach out to #3 & #4 to see if they can help fill in the blanks.  Sorry for talking in numbers.. you all know I try my best to share the data but keep living family members private. 🙂

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