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So, it’s been quite a while since I’ve done any kind of updates here.  But I haven’t stopped my search for my mom’s bio dad.  I’ve mentioned before that the search for him will be much harder than the search for my mom’s bio mom.

Since Ancestry DNA’s update, nothing much has changed.  My mom still has 3 2nd cousin matches and multiple 3rd cousin matches.  It seems that I would be able to knock this one out easy-peasy but this bio dad line is no joke.

One of my mom’s 2nd cousin matches  (and the 1st listed on Ancestry DNA) was adopted as well.  I mentioned before, we were able to find her maternal family and now she is on the search for her birth father as well as another sibling who was given up for adoption. If either one of us makes any headway in this search, I feel like it will crack both cases wide open and both her and my mom should know who their bio dad (s) are.  This 2nd cousin has no connection to my mom’s 2nd listed 2nd cousin and she is a 4th-6th cousin to the 3rd listed 2nd cousin.  Get that? lol

The 2nd listed 2nd cousin is a bit older than my mom – and she is connected to the Klein-Lang line. This is cousin that has no DNA connection to the first 2nd cousin.  I think it’s because she has no Kunz line in her tree.

The 3rd listed 2nd cousin is younger than my mom and me (I’m 28.. or 27? I lose track lol – I tend to not think about my age anymore). Her dad was a bit older when she was born.  I’ve asked this 2nd cousin to have her dad test and she said he would but I don’t think he has.  I offered to pay for the test and send it their way but she said he would pay for it.   Oh well.. I don’t want to be pushy but it would be super helpful.  You can see her family tree here (it’s the second one pictured)

If anyone knows anything about the German families that came to America in the mid 1800’s, its that they didn’t want to assimilate with the Americans that were here.  So, we have a lot of DNA shared.  I can’t help but wonder if the 2nd cousins are really a it further than predicted.  However, I have talked with a 4th cousin with a tree that has all the names – like Kunz, Klein, Metzger, Lang, Knopp, Leyendecker, and Hartmann – I mean all the names I keep running into in the paternal line.  She said for the most part the predicted relationships on Ancestry have been correct.

Another problem I’m running into… so many new matches have no tree and they do not respond to any messages.  I’m sending simple messages like hey, ancestry dna says we are 3rd cousins.  I’d love to find out who our shared ancestors are.  Do you plan on creating a family tree or linking your AncestryDNA profile to your tree?  I’ll even offer to help with getting them started… But nothing.

Surprisingly, with a little sleuthing I’ve been able to create tree 5 generations back just with one name.  So I just wanted to say, I’m here and I’m still at it.  I’ve been getting quite a few questions about my process post and I plan on doing another post soon to help clear up any confusion and questions you may have.

To all those who are trying to break down ancestral brick walls or trying to find biological family, I wish you the best and I hope my blog serves as an aid in your search.




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  1. Hello,
    My name is Teri Click and I am looking for my bio father’s family. I was adopted. I tested with Ancestry and have been building a mirror tree. In trying to understand a little bit more about how a mirror tree was going to benefit my search, I happened upon your you tube video on mirror trees. Imagine my shock and “holy moly, what are the odds?” to see that we share relatives. I am unsure how but I am a DNA match to Mathilde Clara Rodes which has lead to the Neffendorfs and Knopps of Fredericksburg, Texas. I did try to find an email on your blog so I could share this with you privately but could not. I would love to visit with you, please. Thank you so much!

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