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What does the asterisk mean on GEDmatch

*Asterisk in front of names on GEDmatch “What does it mean when a user has an asterisk in front of their name on gedmatch?” I’ve seen this question at least 20 times on different sites, so I figured I’d chime […]

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X-DNA Match and we’re back to the Kunz family tree

Recently, a 4th-6th cousin on AncestryDNA, uploaded their DNA to GEDmatch.com – and it was pretty much what I expected.   My mom and her shared 59cM of DNA across chromosomes 1 to 22.  How in the world did I […]

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Thank you gedmatch.com

GEDmatch Lately, I’ve been telling more of my mom’s DNA matches about gedmatch.com. I feel like a gedmatch salesperson or something.  Thankfully, gedmatch.com is free (unless you upgrade for more options) and it has been really helpful in my search […]

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