This is the non-identification information my mom was given about her birth family and events surrounding her birth and adoption.  She requested this before I ever knew she was even interested in finding her biological mom and dad. If you can help in any way or if you know what our next step should be, please let me know. I’ve put this information on the about page.

Non-Identification Data

Adoptee Info

DOB: October 5, 1968
7 lbs & 19-1/2″
Admitted to the nursery on October 8, 1968
Surrendered for adoption on October 14, 1968
Adopted on July 3, 1969
Place of Birth: New Orleans, LA
Placing Agency: Protestant Home for Babies

Birth Mother Info

Age at birth of child: 18 years
Height: Average
Weight: Average
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Light Brown
Complexion: Fair. Described in the record as “quite attractive”
Race: not stated in record but the adoptee is white
Nationality: not stated
Education: High school degree with plans to improve secretarial skills; “average intelligence”
Other children: none
Family members:

  • Her father died at age 60 and the record does not include why. Birth mother was 14 years old when he died.
  • Her mother was 50 (when her husband died or at the time of the adoption – I’m not sure)
  • Siblings:
    • A 25-year-old brother, married
    • A 14-year-old brother who attended school

Birth Father Info

(provided by birth mother)
Age at birth of child: 19 years of age
Not informed of pregnancy
Height: almost 6 feet
Weight: average
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: light brown
Education: college student at time of pregnancy
His Family: no information except that he lived with family.


That’s it for now.  Next steps will include DNA testing and possibly requesting new non-identification paperwork.  I’ve joined a few adoption search groups and apparently, you can ask for new non-id’s every couple of years.  Generally, they don’t send out the same information every time so we might get lucky and get a new piece of the puzzle.

If you know anyone that fits this description, please contact me or comment below.

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