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Checking the Classifieds

Adoption Classifieds Ad in the 40's
Source: Newspaper Archive (
Topaz Times, 15 Jun 1945, Volume XI, Issue 18, pg 3

I never would have thought to look in the newspaper and especially not the classifieds for information about my mom’s adoption case.   That all changed when I learned about a birth mother who saw a picture of her baby in the paper.   She saw a picture of her baby boy along with information about him and how to adopt.   Since my mom wasn’t adopted right away and she was living in the same home as the baby boy mentioned, I thought I would put my feelers out.

Since I don’t live in Louisiana where my mom was born and adopted, I went to first and checked their papers.  I searched “baby” and “adoption” as well as the name of the agency but didn’t come up with much. However, I did find some interesting articles about the Protestant Home for Babies where my mom was cared for during her first 9 months.

I also checked and did find some newspaper articles that I couldn’t access since I only have their basic plan.  I was really hoping to find an article like the one described by the birth mother mentioned above with pictures and a description.  My mom has zero pictures of her before 9 months old.  I’m sure she isn’t the only adoptee that has no baby pictures.

Our Hopes…

Finding an article like this one would be so cool. The_Pantagraph_Thu__Oct_1__1964_.  My mom wants to find the women that cared for her while she was living at Protestant Home for Babies.  My sister’s son is just a little older than when my mom was adopted.  He already has such a personality and recognizes his family.  It would be interesting to hear from the ladies that fed my mom and played with her and put her down for naps and bedtime.  By the way, my mom was called Zoe while at the home.  I find it really interesting that her grandmother’s name was Cloanah or Chloe Anna. Up until 1981, her legal name was Chloe Ann.  I wonder where the name Zoe came from.

Are there any off the wall records that you find helpful or maybe just interesting for your search? I’d love to hear some ideas from readers.


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