Mirror & Speculation Trees Should be Private

Private Family Trees = Less Confusion

I’ve run into one instance where I created a mirror tree off of a DNA match’s mirror tree and needless to say I was very confused.  That DNA match was adopted and using the Mirror Tree Method to find shared ancestors among her cousins.  However, she forgot to make her tree private so I’m sure it confused a couple of people (me included).  Mirror trees aren’t the only type of trees that should be made private, in my own humble opinion.  Trees that have speculations or are completely unsourced should also be private.  I’m sure there are those reading this and nodding their heads in agreement and I’m sure there are some that may not agree.

Tread Slowly into Other’s Family Trees

Someone commented the other day saying they have a speculation tree that is public. They also  mentioned that they made a note on their profile that read, “Use this tree at you own risk”. Well,  many times people don’t make it to your profile when looking for information on their ancestors.  Many times, they copy down the information they’ve been so desperately looking for and move on.  It’s not the responsible thing to do – copying another person’s tree without any records backing it up – but hopefully that person who copied the info has a private tree.  At least until they can find records to back up their family tree.

Many people don’t know that you can change the privacy settings so I’ve created a video that I hope will be helpful to those looking at how to change the privacy settings.

How to Change the Privacy Settings

  1. Log in to Ancestry.com
  2. Click the Trees Tab
  3. Select Create & Manage Trees
  4. Find the tree you want to change the settings on and click Manage Tree
  5. Click Privacy Settings
  6. Check the boxes for your preferred settings.

Note: If you want your tree to be private & not appear in the search results, you need to check two boxes on the privacy settings page.



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