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Many of you have come here looking for advice on how to use AncestryDNA or FTDNA or finding your shared ancestors or just help for finding your birth family.  Listed below are some of my more popular posts about these topics. I hope they are useful to you.

How do I find my birth parents?

So you have decided to look for your birth parents but you have no idea how to even start your search.  I’m no pro at this but I can definitely share the resources I’ve gathered along the way. Steps to finding […]

About Non-Identifying Information

Non-Identifying information is a very useful tool used to find birth families or adoptees. In my mom’s case, we were given some basic but very helpful information. What’s included? In our first request for non-identifying information, we were told the […]

Facebook Groups – Getting Search Help

Social media has some real advantages when it comes to adoption searches. There are many groups on Facebook dedicated to aiding adoptees and birth parents reunite.  One of the first things I did when I started the search for my […]

Finding Shared Ancestors – A Walk Through

Finding Shared Ancestors I was telling my sister how I’ve made some progress recently and I quickly realized that she had no idea what I was talking about.  I think it’s because she’s not on Ancestry.  So I’m going to […]

Video Tutorial – Mirror Tree Walk Through

Mirror Tree Walk Through – Video Tutorial Hey y’all!  I got lots of requests asking me to make a video tutorial on the post, Finding Shared Ancestors; A Walk Through.  So I finally figured out how to make it all come […]

What is a Mirror Tree?

I’m getting a lot of feedback and I keep seeing the same thing.  The same question keeps coming up.  What is a mirror tree?  I’ve answered some questions about mirror trees in the Five Questions Answered post and went over […]

Mirror & Speculation Trees Should be Private

Private Family Trees = Less Confusion I’ve run into one instance where I created a mirror tree off of a DNA match’s mirror tree and needless to say I was very confused.  That DNA match was adopted and using the […]

Five Mirror Tree Questions Answered

On my most popular post about finding shared ancestors, I got a few questions and even more via email about how to set up and use a mirror tree.  I’m going to do my best to answer some of those […]

How to Share AncestryDNA Results

*If someone asked you to share AncestryDNA results with them, skip this intro and go down to step 1. *If you are trying to figure out how you and another person are related, this will be VERY helpful… Download Google […]

Genome Mate Pro – How to Download

Genome Mate Pro I’m a little late on downloading the new version of Genome Mate which is called Genome Mate Pro.  If you haven’t downloaded and would like to see how to download the program, watch the video below.  I’ve been […]

Using Obituaries In Your Search

Obituaries When I got to the point in my search where I was just one generation away from finding my mom’s birth mother, we had a stand still.  Records on Ancestry and FamilySearch and other records sites were limited.  After […]