Stigler / Oliphant

I’ve previously made connections to Robert Oliphant b. ~1771 ; d. ~1841 ; m. Abigail Davenport…

I created a family tree based on a 4th-6th cousin match from AncestryDNA and had shared ancestors with the Olpihant side, the Davenport side – one generation down/younger was Mary Oliphant who married William Stigler.

I couldn’t find much about William Stigler’s family but I did have 1 -only 1 other cousin that had this Mary Oliphant and William Stigler in their tree..  I didn’t hold much weight to that and left it be.

Well, now that I’ve been exploring 23andMe, I found out this 4th-6th cousin from AncestryDNA also tested at 23andme and he’s ranked as a 3rd-4th cousin over there.

While giving my brain a rest from the Klein/Knopp family, I decided to explore my 23andme match list a little deeper. I googled one of the people on my list that had her name listed plus the words family tree – I didn’t expect much but as my two year old would say, “Lah” (he means ta-da)… I found her public family tree on ancestry.

While scoping it out, Stigler stuck out – when I clicked to see her family tree, I find William Stigler and Mary Oliphant…

Did I mention this DNA match is ranked as a 2nd-4th cousin?

This particular person (my mom’s possibly 2nd-4th cousin) is related to William and Mary they would be her great great great grandparents – I’m going to explore her family tree down to her great grandparents since it’s within the range of possibilities. We’ll see.

I’ll post if I find anything new.

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