Haplogroup H

l’ll be honest – I din’t think haplogroups would really help me at all.. I mean I had no idea what they were!

When I learned that maternal haplogroups are passed down on the maternal side… I decided to dive in full force.  We really want to find my mom’s mom.  We want to find her father too but he has no idea she even exists (we think).

So, I’ve contacted a ton of people through 23andme that share the same maternal haplogroup – which is H in our case.

No responses YET but I remembered that familytreeDNA and GEDmatch have some users with the haplogroup listed out.  Fortunately for me, I found 1 that had a family tree on ancestry – talk about cross-referencing! There’s probably more but I was so excited I had to “tell” somebody and I know my mom is already in bed.  😛

The idea here is that if I go back far enough on JUST the maternal line, I will run into finding a shared ancestor. So I do my thing – create a mirror tree of the DNA match but this time I only focus on the maternal side. Easy Peasy..

When I linked up the DNA to that person, I knew it was a shot in the dark since this DNA match is in the 3rd-5th cousin range or so. But sure enough, I got a few hits! I clicked the little green hints button on the AncestryDNA match page for my hints and I had 3 “cousins” that all had Thomas Bradford and Martha Miller in their tree.

I’ll be on the look out for more H haplogroup members from now on. 🙂

And yes – the Klein, Kunz, Leyendecker family lead is crazy – I can’t make heads or tails from them! I remember why I took a break from them.  If I go back far enough, I keep running into the same people which makes triangulation SUPER DUPER hard.

Still waiting on my mom’s closest match on 23andme to respond.

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