Haplogroup Followup

Here’s what I’ve learned between last night and this morning…

The maternal haplogroup H has been around for a VERY long time and lots of people are part of this group / carry it.

I found success in my first H haplogroup DNA match triangulation (see previous post for details)

There is something that I have to be aware of – Let me explain.

There are two people that match my mom, M.S. and J.S. – M.S. is the father and J.S. is his daughter. J.S. is a carrier of the mtDNA H where as her father is not. Makes sense since my mom is not related to J.S.’s mom but her dad.  She “inherited” this maternal haplogroup from her mother and my mom is not related to her mother.

Just because someone shares the same haplogroup as my mom, that doesn’t mean we will share a maternal ancestor.  Something to think about and it also makes my head spin.

I’ve been told “chasing haplogroups” is a waste of time…

I’m still going to pursue this method – first I will trace back only on the maternal line.  If I find no match there, I will then fill in the rest of the tree to find a shared ancestor.

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