Gillespie County, Texas – German Immigrants

German Heritage

German Heritage

Apparently, my mom has some direct ancestors that were born in Germany and came over around 1845 and lived in Gillespie County, Texas.  It seems that they were a tight-knit community and tended to marry into every single German immigrant family…

I’m not talking incest stuff here.  Here’s an example: Charles and Joseph Klein (brothers) married Clara and Susan Ressman (sisters).

I have been able to create one huge family tree that includes about 8 DNA matches.  This is some confusing stuff.  I know that I have 5 DNA matches to Peter Kunz (1811) so I’m pretty sure he is a direct ancestor.

Now, I’m finding other common ancestors within those same DNA matches. For instance, I have 2 cousins that share Anna Catherine Leyendecker (1790) and Freidrick (sp) Metzger (1780) and  1 more cousin that links to Anna Catherine Leyendecker’s father – Franz Leyendecker (1755). All of these cousins also have Peter Kunz in their family tree.

So… now I’m beginning to think there is a direct connection to Peter Kunz and Anna Catherine Leyendecker. Both were from Germany and eventually lived and died in Gillespie County, Texas.

It seems that I’m onto something right?  Well, I’ll let you know if I get anywhere.  Like I said, this is some crazy confusing DNA stuff right here.  Every turn I make in this huge family tree I’ve created it seems there is another common ancestor but they all eventually share similar ancestors.

I’ve also thought Christian Klein is a direct ancestor since we have multiple DNA matches with him in their tree – well, his sister married into the Leyendecker family. I might have to see if any of their children married into the Kunz family.


OHHH! I’ve been making contact with the DNA matches.  I’ve recently been talking with something who has Kunz on her father’s side and Klein on her mother’s side.  I think she is around the  same age as my mom’s mom.  Guess what, she is going to a family reunion soon and I think she might put the word out or maybe ask some questions.  Who knows, she might unknowingly share the information with my mom’s birth mother/father.  I mean, it’s not likely but it’s possible right!?


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