DNA – A Waiting Game

DNA - Finding Family


DNA has really pushed our search along.  Because of it, we’ve been able to find one branch of my mom’s biological family tree.  We still haven’t figured out where she fits in to that tree but we’re working on it.

I guess I should explain why I titled this post “A Waiting Game”. I’m not waiting on any new test results but I’m waiting for that close cousin match to pop up.

The more people who test the more possibilities of connections you get.  I’m hoping that someday, a new match will pop up that is a 1st or 2nd cousin or even better, a close family match! But for now, we wait.

By the way, Ancestry is offering DNA testing for only $49 now!  If you are a member of Ancestry, you may need to sign out and then click DNA to see the $49 price.

I’m really wanting to get my dad’s parents to do the test… Even though I know most of their family, it would really help push through some roadblocks.  There is a line on my Granny’s side I just can’t figure out.  If I had DNA matches to her, it would help A LOT.

If you are thinking about doing DNA testing to get passed some roadblocks, my advice is do it.  Seriously, it is totally worth it.  You may not have close matches immediately but new people are testing everyday.  So you might just get a close match months later. That’s what I’m hoping on.

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