DNA Overlaps Among Cousins


I’m having to write this out because my brain is just not processing it and I need to see it- if anyone reads this and has a suggestion, PLEASE comment below or contact me.

Soo.. my mom’s predicted second cousin, a descendant of Christian Klein and Gertrude Knopp is also related to a couple of my mom’s more distant (projected 3rd-5th) cousins. They just so happen to have an ancestor with the name Gertrude Knopp.  Coincidence?

1. It’s not the same Gertrude Knopp.

2. Gertrude Knopp, 2nd cousin’s ancestor, was born in 1836 in Germany and died in 1899 in Texas.  Based on other family trees, her parents were Peter Knopp (1808) and Margaretha Segner (1815) – this is the info I’m trying to verify. I’ve seen trees with Margaretha’s mom’s maiden name as Knopp as well.

3. Gertrude Knopp, 3rd to 5th cousin’s ancestor, was born around 1834-1836 in Germany and died in 1874 in Minnesota.  Based on census records, I think her mother’s name was Margaret (maiden name unknown) and born around 1807 in Germany.  She died in 1892 in Minnesota.

So 2nd cousin is related to 3rd-5th cousin – they are probably 3rd-4th cousins. Did that confuse you? ha – I’m trying to respect their privacy by not mentioning names 🙂 When I run comparisons, my mom’s DNA overlaps in completely different places. I assumed, the connection would be through the Knopp line but if there is no common overlap in DNA, is it possible?

Is it possible but unusual?

Or – could I be looking at the wrong ancestors of 2nd cousin – I ruled out one line completely – but this 2nd cousin does have 2 sets of great grandparents (besides the ones I’ve ruled out).

There is another 3rd-5th cousin that has not responded to my invitation to share on 23andMe.  In his very limited profile, he has listed Minnesota in family locations and Knopp as a surname.  I wish to know if he is related to these cousins of mine and my mom’s.

I have had lots of people respond recently.. still no response from my mom’s closest match.  🙁

But, I am overloaded with the amount of family names I’m looking into.  I’ve also connected with an X-match (3rd to 6th cousin) whose ancestors are from Germany and settled in Gillespie County, Texas.  Family names Pehl and Stein – (his great great great grandparents).

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  1. I had to search my matches for knopp lol It’s that bad for me. I wish I could help your search but I’m too confused with even my own. i’m really new to DNA testing. I loved this post though as it’s the thought process that I relate to 🙂

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