Dead Ends and More Testing

Dead End

I’ve been hitting a lot of brick walls and just dead end after dead end with this Blackwell family.

I really thought we had found my mom’s birth mother. DNA matched to one side of the family but we had a near-identical match to non-ID paperwork.  But it wasn’t right.  We didn’t have the DNA for the mother’s side of the family and we should have stopped right there but the non-id was so close.  But I did have a nice long conversation with a cousin about her grandfather, Floyd Blackwell.

I’m getting over my disappointment… but I’m also not getting anywhere quick.

So, as stated previously, We have definite matches to Henry Blackwell and Alice (unsure of first name) Crotts. We have verified DNA matches with links to all sides.  If you don’t understand how I’m figuring this out – please start reading from the beginning of this blog.

Henry and Alice’s children are quite confusing.  Two are believed to have died before child bearing years – but it’s possible that census records were wrong and I have not located death records or tombstones for those two (Willie Blackwell and Mary K Blackwell).

The other 4 boys

Fred Blackwell – found him and his descendants.. no connections made to his wife or his children’s spouse’s family so that’s a no-go.

Henry Blackwell Jr – same thing Fred and Henry married sisters.

Floyd Blackwell – Really confusing here. He had children with a woman that we don’t share any common ancestors with.  However, they split – after a very interesting and traumatizing event.  I can’t find Floyd Blackwell after they split ~1928.  Not in the 1930 or 1940 census.  Did he die? No idea… was he in prison? I don’t know… did he change his name and have more kids – oh geez I hope not… But I have a weird feeling we are a direct descendant of this guy.

J Edgar Blackwell – I think he was married and divorced twice before 1940.  Did he have children? I have no clue.

I have nowhere to go with this family.


I’m not getting much of anywhere with the guys listed above. Limited records and tons of ancestryDNA members that aren’t open to chatting or discussing family records/history. Sorry about my pity party over here.


On another note, we put out the $$$ to do the 23andme DNA testing.   We’re hoping for some closer matches over there.

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