Another 2nd Cousin!

yat! a new 2nd cousin

New 2nd Cousin

I can’t contain the excitement.  This new 2nd cousin looks to have ancestral ties to the Lang-Metzger lines AND the Kunz-Streider lines.  Her tree is not filled in but I already had her dad and grandmother in one of my speculative trees. 🙂 via GIPHY

I’ve sent her an invite to view the tree I’ve been working on as well as sent an invite to view my mom’s DNA results at Ancestry.  Hoping she does the same so I can find common cousins between us.  I know she is cousin’s to my mom’s adopted 2nd cousin but they are 4th-6th cousins.  I don’t believe the adopted cousin has any connections to the Lang-Metzger line.  I bet she is also a close cousin to my mom’s other 2nd cousin on Ancestry who has Lang-Metzger in her tree.

I have yet to hear back from her but I have asked her if her dad would consider testing.

I’ve looked over the possible people who could be my mom’s birth parents and I’ve actually highlighted this guy’s name before but crossed him out since I couldn’t get any Ancestry hints – I don’t post names of living people to protect their privacy.  From this connection, and other DNA connections, I’m going to assume that my mom is a great granddaughter of Walter Otto Lang and Amalia Brinkrolf…

I’m off to go work on this branch of the family.

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