23andMe results are in!

23andme Results

I about jumped out of my skin when I got the email saying the results were done.  In case you were wondering how long it took to get the 23andMe results back.. they received the sample on 10/3/14 – and the results were ready 10/16/14.  Very happy I didn’t have to wait the estimated 3-4 weeks.

Anyways, I was very impressed by the design of the website and kind of excited to see the haplogroup info… I still have no idea what it means but my mom is part of the H haplogroup.  Some famous people that were part of the H haplogroup as reported by 23andMe… Luke the evangelist, Prince Philip, Marie Antoinette, Susan Sarandon, and Napoleon Bonaparte.

The more exciting part of 23andMe was the chance of finding new and closer matches.  And yes – we did get 2 definite 2nd cousin matches. YAY!

One second cousin has already responded and with the exchange of some basic information, I found out she was the great granddaughter of Christian Klein and Gertrude Knopp… I have already run across these names when I was working on the German immigrant family in Gillespie County, Texas.  This just kind of confirms that idea that my mom is related to the Kleins. Since the predicted relationship between my mom and this 23andMe member is 2nd cousins, I can only assume that Christian Klein and Gertrude Knopp, her great grandparents, are the connection.

It’s likely, that the actual relationship is 2nd cousins once removed meaning Christian Klein and Gertrude Knopp are more likely to be my mom’s Great Great Grandparents.

I’m still waiting on my mom’s #1 – closest match to respond. She shares 5.46% with my mom and supposedly that’s a good amount considering she is a possible 2nd cousin.  According to 23andMe, my mom and this top match are actually closer to being 1st cousins once removed. I really need her to respond.

For now, I’m waiting on 23andMe members to respond. While I’m waiting, I’ll be working on this Christian Klein/Gertrude Knopp connection.

I would really recommend 23andme to anyone interested about their heritage.  Sign up take the test!

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