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Louisiana & Adoption

Good grief. Louisiana has their adoption records locked up tight. You would think we are asking for her birth parents social security numbers and bank account info.  My mom has registered on the Louisiana reunion registry plus a few private reunion registries. But apart from getting a court order and all kinds of legal hoops, we are not getting her original birth certificate.

I thought we would have a case to at least reach out to the birth mother asking about her family’s health history.  If you remember from the non-id info, the birth mother’s dad died at the age of 60. Why did he die? Why so young?  Is it genetic? Was his death preventable? Are the bio-parents even alive now?  Even if her parents are not alive, I doubt they would release her original birth certificate.

I believe my mom (the adoptee) has rights to this type of information but the state of Louisiana is just a tough nut to crack.

On a more detailed page of my mom’s non-identification paperwork that I failed to mention in the last post; it describes her health as a young baby. When I read it, it was like reading about my son’s health as a young baby. What else is there about her bio family that we need should be aware of?

Cancer? Heart problems? Genetic disorders? This is basic information that you are expected to answer at almost every doctor visit.

Let me know if you were born and adopted in Louisiana. Were you able to get your records unsealed? If so, how did you do it? If not, what roadblocks are you dealing with in your search?

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