Adoptees, Family and Health History

It seems that all the families I’m tracing, trace down to Texas.  On Ancestry, there is a database of Texas death certificates – which I find COMPLETELY interesting.

No – this isn’t morbid.  It gives me a little insight.  See – my mom was adopted and we have absolutely zero medical history.

I think this is so incredibly unreasonable… This not only impacts my mom but all of her children (me) and her grandchildren (my son). I’ve come across death certificates of people dying from bone cancer, leukemia, stroke, heart attacks, and more. I really wish I had heard  about 23andme before the FDA had to get all big government on us.

Downside? I have no idea how closely these people are to me – I could be looking at my great grandmother’s death certificate for all I know or they could be a great great aunt or something.

My biological great grandfather, my mom’s grandfather died at the age of 60… and we have no idea why.  It’s so frustrating.

I just had to vent a bit.

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