Unexpected Photos

A while back I got a message on Ancestry asking about Mary Sue (I have her listed as my mom’s biological mother on her DNA family tree).  If you’re unfamiliar with our story, Mary Sue is my mom’s biological mother.  […]

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More DNA Matches

For the last few months, I’ve been busy with my new baby girl. I’ll be honest, I would log on to my ancestry account and check to see if my mom had a new top DNA match. If not, I’d […]

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Understanding Shared Ancestor Hints + Video

Shared Ancestor Hints

Understanding Shared Ancestors & Shared Ancestor Hints In order for you to really take advantage of genealogical DNA testing – especially at Ancestry, you need to understand what shared ancestors and shared ancestor hints are, how they can help in […]

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What does the asterisk mean on GEDmatch

*Asterisk in front of names on GEDmatch “What does it mean when a user has an asterisk in front of their name on gedmatch?” I’ve seen this question at least 20 times on different sites, so I figured I’d chime […]

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